Night Shred is a PM fat burner, designed to target fat stores and help you burn fat as you sleep. But, does Night Shred work? And can this nighttime fat burner really get you looking your best? Our full Inno Supps Night Shred Review takes a deep dive into this fat burner to see if it can work for you.

Sleep is essential. High-quality sleep gives your mind and body time to recharge and leaves you refreshed and alert when you wake up. It also keeps the body healthy and enables the brain to function correctly. Without proper sleep losing weight or building muscle becomes exceedingly difficult.

If you have ever had trouble sleeping then you will have experienced the devastating effects. Unfortunately, sleeping tablets are not a long-term solution and cannot replace natural sleep. Therefore, many of us turn to natural supplements to try to find something that works.

What is Night Shred?

Night Shred supplement or Inno Supps Night Shred natural sleep support and PM fat burner promise to improve sleep while increasing fat breakdown. Burn extra fat, while you sleep! Sounds great, right?

But does Night Shred really work? And is it worth spending your hard-earned money?

Here we will inspect Night Shred's formula and user reviews to determine if the company's claims hold up. But if you don't have time to delve into all the science, here's a quick summary.

Night Shred Review Summary

We don't cut corners, in this article we are going to give you a thorough Night Shred review. But in case you don't have much time, we thought we would give you a quick summary.

We found Night Shred to be an ok supplement, but not quite the miraculous nighttime fat burner that the marketing makes it out to be.

We like Night Shred because it's completely natural and has a low risk of adverse side effects. It could also be effective at promoting restful sleep for some people by reducing the time taken to fall asleep.

While Night Shred is marketed as a night time fat burner, the evidence that it will help weight loss is lacking. It does not contain any ingredients commonly associated with fat loss, such as green tea extract or cayenne pepper.

Night Shred also claims to reduce late night cravings and morning hunger, however, it does not include any common appetite suppressants such as glucomannan or fenugreek.

Furthermore, some ingredients in Night Shred such as 5-HTP should not be taken with certain medications, such as antidepressants and prescription pain killers.

But our main qualm with Night Shred's PM fat-burning complex is the proprietary blends, which prevents us from knowing the dosages of the ingredients used. So even the ingredients that could be beneficial may be useless at low dosages.

Pros And Cons


  • Naturally-occurring ingredients.
  • Many positive night shred reviews from customers.
  • Contains ingredients that could improve sleep quality if given in the right dosages.


  • Proprietary blends mean that it is impossible to know if ingredients are included at effective dosages.
  • It might interfere with some medications.
  • Some ingredients are poorly absorbed by the body, such as magnesium.
  • Little evidence for weight loss support beyond the potential benefits of improved sleep.

Editors Recommendation: ShredCBD

Combining CBD and key fat burners makes ShredCBD a much more effective solution for low stim weight loss than Night Shred.

How Does Night Shred Work?

Night Shred is designed as a nighttime fat burner that provides natural sleep support. It claims to promote better sleep while burning more fat throughout the night.

Burn more fat while you sleep soundly. Sounds great, right?

Of all the PM fat burners we have reviewed, we have yet to find out what really stands up to the test. One issue is that many proven fat burners are not beneficial to sleep, such as green tea extract and caffeine. Thermogenic fat burners are also unbeneficial for sleep because body temperature must drop for you to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Another issue is that most quality fat burners will provide several doses throughout the day to keep your body in a fat-burning state. One dose before bed leaves a long time between servings.

A complete Night Shred review is also made difficult by the fact that it contains proprietary blends, which prevents us from knowing the dosages of the ingredients used. Therefore, we usually advise people to stay away from proprietary blends, as it is impossible to know if you will receive ingredients at effective dosages.

But let's do our best to assess its effectiveness as a sleep supplement, and as a fat burner.

Night Shred Ingredients

Inno Supps Night Shred contains the following ingredients:

Night Time Recovery Complex (510mg):

  • Chamomile
  • GABA
  • Valerian
  • Passionflower

PM Fat Burning Complex (76mg):

  • CLA
  • L-Carnitine
  • Grains of Paradise

Mood Enhancement Complex (35.5mg):

  • L-Tryptophan
  • 5-HTP

Natural Adaptogen Compound – Ashwagandha (200mg)

Melatonin (3mg)

As you can see, Night Shred is primarily made up of "proprietary blends', which only show their combined dosage. It is therefore impossible to say how effective or safe the ingredients are.

Manufacturers often use proprietary blends to skimp out on expensive ingredients and maximize profits. But not everything is hidden, and some of the ingredients effectively improve sleep. Let's break it down:

Night Time Recovery Complex (510mg)


GABA is a neurochemical that helps relax your mind and reduce anxiety. Having optimum amounts of GABA can help promote restful sleep.

However, there is a lot of controversy over whether GABA supplements are effective, as they are thought to be too large to cross the blood-brain barrier, meaning GABA has poor bioavailability. (1) Therefore, to increase GABA is better to take nutrients such as L-Theanine, which are better absorbed and help boost GABA levels in the brain.


Chamomile tea is a common relaxant that helps the mind and body unwind. However, studies looking at the benefits of Chamomile tend to use between 900 -1200 mg, which is less than the whole Nighttime Recovery Complex. (2)


Passionflower was first used by the Aztecs as a folk remedy for insomnia and anxiety. However, there is very little research to support these claims. (3)


Valerian is commonly used in sleep supplements, and while there is limited research, a few promising studies suggest that valerian is may be beneficial for relaxing the nervous system and promoting sleep. (4)

Studies in adults use between 100-600 mg, but it is impossible to say whether Night Shred contains an adequate amount as we can't know the dosage. (5)

PM Fat Burning Complex (76mg)

Grains of Paradise

Grains of paradise is a spice is a species in the ginger family. There is some evidence that it may help with burning fat. (7)

However, research is minimal, and in this one promising study that we could find, participants were given 30mg a day. Considering the whole PM fat-burning blend is 76mg, it is likely to be underdosed.


L-Carnitine is an essential nutrient that your body produces from certain foods such as meat and fish. It plays a vital role in the production of energy.

As L-carnitine helps move fatty acids into your cells to be used as energy, it makes sense that it could help you to burn fat and lose weight.

However, the human body is complex, and the results of studies have been mixed. In one placebo-controlled 8-week study, there was no difference in weight loss between those who took L-carnitine supplements and those who didn't. (8)

Furthermore, the standard dose of L-carnitine is 500–2,000 mg per day, with 76mg in the entire blend, the dosage is insufficient.


CLA is a group of omega-6 fatty acids found in vegetable oils, meat, and milk. The amount of CLA in animal products varies widely depending on what the animal ate, with grass-fed beef providing the highest amount.

A comprehensive review concluded that CLA could cause modest fat loss for an initial 6-months, at which point, fat loss plateaus. (9)

Another review concluded that 3 grams daily is necessary for weight loss. (10) That's more than 3 x the amount in the entire Inno Supps Night Shred blend.

Mood Enhancement Complex (35.5mg)


5-HTP could increase feelings of fullness, causing you to eat less. Weight loss can increase hunger-inducing hormones, so 5-HTP could undo some of these effects and help you to lose weight more consistently. Many studies have shown that 5-HTP can help people eat less. (1112).

5-HTP is a precursor for serotonin, improving mood, and preventing people from overeating due to stress or depression. Serotonin is also converted into melatonin which can help to regulate sleep.

However, the suggested starting dose is 50-100 mg twice per day, so once again, this ingredient is likely to be underdosed in Inno Supp.

It is also important to note that 5-HTP should not be taken alongside any medications that increase serotonin, such as antidepressants, as this leads to dangerous serotonin levels in the body, which could be life-threatening. (13).


Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that is a crucial ingredient for serotonin production. You get it in foods such as chicken, fish, and eggs. (14)

Tryptophan can boost levels of serotonin which is associated with better mood and improved sleep.

Again, you need to be careful of raising your serotonin levels too much, especially if you take any antidepressants or certain pain delivers, such as tramadol. Speak to your doctor if you are on any prescribed medications.

Other Ingredients

Ashwagandha (200mg)

Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic medicinal herb that has been shown to help balance cortisol levels. (6) This ingredient has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and for good reason. It appears to undo some of the damage done by prolonged periods of stress and has lasting health benefits.

However, it has also been found to increase energy levels, so it may not be the best ingredient for a supplement designed to promote sleep. Furthermore, most benefits are linked to dosages of 500–600 mg per day, so 200 mg is a low dose.

Melatonin (3mg)

Melatonin is the body's essential sleep hormone. Supplementing enables you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep. Melatonin is not a normal sleeping drug, it works with your body's natural endocrine system to promote healthy sleep. Many people have found great success with Melatonin, and 3 mg is a good dose. This alone may explain all the positive reviews from customers claiming that Night Shred has improved their sleep.

There is some argument as to whether users could become dependent on melatonin, and it is generally only recommended for short-term use, while there is no clear evidence of dependency with long-term use, more research needs to be done. Melatonin may also interact with certain medications, including blood thinners, antidepressants, and blood pressure medications.

What We Think About The Ingredient Profile

There are some excellent ingredients in Inno Supp Night Shred to improve sleep. However, for the most part, we don't know their dosages, so it is impossible to say whether they will be effective.

The one thing we do know is that 3 mg of melatonin could be a powerful sleep aid for some people. However, you could purchase melatonin supplements for a fraction of the cost.

But perhaps the biggest let down is that there is nothing in this 'fat burner' that will actually help you burn fat. None of the ingredients are proven to work, and even those that do have some promising research behind them, such as CLA, cannot be included in sufficient amounts, considering the entire night shred blend is a mere 76mg.

Many proven fat burners are missing, such as Glucomannan to reduce appetite or thermogenic fat burners like cayenne pepper.

That being said, better sleep is associated with more effective weight loss, which we will discuss below.

If your primary goal is better sleep, this supplement could help. However, beyond the benefits of melatonin, which is relatively cheap, no guarantees can be made due to the lack of transparency in the dosages. And if you want to burn fat, there are many better products on the market. All in all, your money is probably better spent elsewhere.

Customer Reviews

Despite our hesitation about this product, there are many positive reviews from users of Night Shred on Amazon. The main benefit people report is improved sleep. Especially the time it taken to fall asleep. We believe that these benefits are probably due to the decent dosage of melatonin.

How to Use Inno Supps Night Shred

Inno Supps suggest you take two capsules of Night Shred 30 minutes before going to bed. They can be taken with or without food.

Night Shred Side Effects

Night Shred generally contains safe ingredients and no stimulants, so the risk of side effects is low.

However, it does contain some ingredients that boost serotonin levels, such as 5-HTP. As a result, anyone taking antidepressants or certain pain medications should be wary of taking Night Shred. These medications also increase serotonin, and too much of this neurochemical can be extremely dangerous.

Night Shred also contains melatonin which could interact with blood pressure or blood thinner medications.

Furthermore, as we cant know the dosages, we can't know if any ingredients are over-dosed could cause nausea or diarrhea. Although based on the information we have, we doubt anything is over-dosed, it is likely to be the opposite!

You should speak to your doctor before use, especially if you are on any prescription medication, as with any new supplement.

See Out #1 Rated 

PM Fat Burner:

Shred CBD

How Much Does Night Shred Cost?

Night Shred will set you back by $64.99 for 30 servings. However, there is currently an offer for $44.99. This is about the price we would expect to pay for a high-quality fat-burning supplement. However, considering this product doesn't quite hit the mark, you can probably find more effective products for a similar price.

You can buy Night Shred here.

Inno Supps Night Shred UK

If you are from the UK, you can still purchase Night Shred on the Inno Supps website, but you will pay a hefty delivery fee.

Alternatively, you can purchase it on U-Buy for an increased price of £50. However, depending on what offers Inno Supps have, this could still work out more expensive.

Is Night Shred on Amazon?

Inno Supps is not available to buy on However, if you are in the United States, you can purchase Night Shred on Alpha XR when it is in stock here.

Inno Supps Review

Inno Supps is a vegan-friendly producer of workout recovery and fat-burning supplements.

All of their products boast all-natural ingredients, and they have designed products for bodybuilders, casually active mums, and everything in between.

The brand is featured on Discover Magazine and The Observer, and many people have posted success stories on the brand's Instagram page which has over 183k followers.

They also have many positive reviews on Trustpilot, with an average score of 4.2.

However, proprietary blends are a common theme among all of their products, which means that they are all impossible to analyze truly. Therefore there is no way of knowing whether their products are turkey effective or just an unjustified hype.

Night Shred Alternatives

A few PM fat burners exist on the market like Inno Supps Night Shred, but most of these other products also fall short with their ingredients profile, essentially meaning you could end up with a weak formula or product that doesn't work. When it comes to alternative products that can burn fat but also help promote calm and sleep we'd recommend CBD based natural fat burner ShredCBD every time.

Importance of Sleep

Sleep boosts your metabolism, balances your hormones, keeps your immune system healthy, improves your brain functioning, and increases your physical energy. (1)

Sleep, weight loss, and muscle building all go hand-in-hand. If you are not getting enough high-quality sleep, including REM sleep and deep sleep, it will be more challenging to lose weight. Sleep also provides vital overnight muscle recovery.

This is for many reasons, including:

  • A lack of sleep affects hunger-inducing neurotransmitters such as ghrelin and leptin.
  • Sleep deprivation can lead to metabolic dysregulation. (11)
  • Extra time spent away increases opportunities to eat.
  • Poor sleep disrupts the circadian rhythms, which can lead to weight gain. (11)
  • Less sleep means less energy for exercise and physical activity.

Adequate sleep is essential for healthy weight loss. So while Night Shred did not appear to include any effective fat-burners, it may improve sleep for some people, which could helo them to lose weight.

Take Away

Night Shred has a lot of positive reviews from customers claiming that they experienced improvements in their sleep. Based on our research we believe that this is likely to due a good dose of melatonin, which is a cheap sleep remedy that has been proven to improve sleep onset.

It is impossible to say how effective the other ingredients are because of the lack of transparency in the dosages but based on the dose of entire blends they are likely to be underdosed.

Furthermore, nothing in this product is proven to directly aid weight loss, beyond the benefits of improved sleep.

All-in-all, there are better products on the market for both fat burning and sleep and your money is probably better spent elsewhere. Check below for the best choice for those not interested in Night Shred.

Editors Recommendation: ShredCBD

ShredCBD is a natural fat burner that utilizes the power of premium CBD isolate and helps you manage your appetite, burn away at fat stores and supports the metabolization of brown fats. CBD can also contribute to feelings of calm, a reduction in anxiety and a better deep sleep. Making ShredCBD a great Night Shred alternative.

About the Author

Steven has been into health, nutrition, and fitness for over 10 years, and has a degree in Physical Education and Coaching. He is an expert in supplements and is devoted to helping his clients achieve their fitness goals and live their best lives.

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